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[2007] Shaking hands with 100 cats in Norway

火曜日, 6 月 12th, 2007

[Word file] Shaking hands with 100 cats in Norway

[2007] ゴミ揚げ, Dusseldorf+Essen/Germany

金曜日, 6 月 1st, 2007

photograph by Boris Nieslony

「Flying kite with local people / ゴミ揚げ」
Performance 2007 / still/video


Making flying kite with local trash for example plastic bag or magazine, fly it in the town centre. I realized this project Koln, Dusseldorf, Essen (Germany). The trash disclose our life stlye of capitalism, flying them in the air, we re-think our utopia life style or system of the society.

[2007] 野菜との想い出, Santiago/Chile

金曜日, 6 月 1st, 2007

「A memory with vegetable / 野菜との想い出」
Performance 2007 / still/video


This is a performative event of taking memorial photograph with local vegetale carrots and tomato. Sending a poster of these photograph to all of participants after the event. 

[2007] Hyper Pillow Fight, Tokyo 2

金曜日, 6 月 1st, 2007

「Hyper pillow fight」
Performance 2007 / still/video


I organize pillow fight in the train with passengers.Bringing many pillows and start with my whistle.The game last duraing my whistle playing.The passengers hit at me with pillows and also hit at them with pillows in the small train.The situation is very funny that mixed violence and no violence in the time,also everyone laugh.The aim of this project is to disclose relationship to ohters of human being within contemporary society. 

[2007] 水たまりAを水たまりBに移しかえる, Hanover+Essen/Germany

金曜日, 6 月 1st, 2007

photograph by Boris Nieslony

「Transform puddle A to puddle B / 水たまりAを水たまりBに移しかえる」
Performance 2003−2007 / still/video


Transforming puddle project that has been already performed in UK, Germany, Serbia-Monteneguro and Japan.This is one of site specific performance art works from 2003.Sucking water of puddle with my mouth and spit to another puddle.The aim of project is to think about drinking in the contemporary society.