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[2007] Hyper Pillow Fight, Tokyo

月曜日, 10 月 1st, 2007

photograph by Sachi Suganuma

「Hyper pillow fight」 
Performance 2007 / still/video

丹羽が、芸術で街を変えることはできるか、芸術で街の違った側面を見ることができるか、をテーマに企画し、参加したアートイベント≪Artist as Activist≫で行ったパフォーマンス。渋谷駅ハチ公広場でまくら投げを5分間行った。 

I organize 5-minutes pillow fight in most crowed public space in Tokyo Shibuya as flash mob. Over 30 participants come to join us. In addition over some hundred audience was watching our acitiviy. The aim of project is to explore how we change our view of such a big city Tokyo.