[2009] Kite Flying wih local people

8 月 7th, 2009

プロジェクト 2009

Kite Flying with Local people At Gendai gallery, Toronto 2009
Making 100 kites with several community (professional kite maker, children ,
university students, etc) and flew at the same time at the opening. Seeks not only to
invite participants to become involved in making and flying kites with the artist in
proximity to the grounds, but it also invites them to invest each kite with a personal
element such as their own used clothing, or other materials they choose to find and
bring to the gallery. In the case of kites made out of found materials considered refuse
(i.e. plastic shopping bags), Niwa encourages participants to think of the potential use
in any object. This activity not only reminds individuals about the finite number of
resources on the planet, but also encourages them to think creatively about how our
resources are used to their maximum potential.

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